Social Progress Index Informs Social Entrepreneurship


The Social Progress Index (SPI) measures basic human needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity to score and rank countries on a macro and micro level. Although overall quality of life is improving, the 2017 SPI shows that personal rights and safety, as well as tolerance and inclusion, have declined. GDP is also coming in under capacity.

The United States received a score of 86.43 and ranked 18. When compared to its peers, it scored high in areas like access to advanced education, nutrition, and basic medical care, but came in lower with regards to tolerance and inclusion. Denmark topped the list for social progress, while the Central African Republic came in last.

SPI data can be influential in guiding citizens, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs on where to focus their efforts. Sally Osberg is president and CEO of Skoll Foundation and serves on SPI's board of directors. In an interview, she stressed the importance of SPI and social entrepreneurs:

"SPI helps us all understand where a society is making headway, or not, and encourages us to dig into the drivers. Behind many of the trajectories heading in a positive direction and advancing social progress, are social entrepreneurs."