Technology Helps Preserve Holocaust Survivor Stories


"Despite the passage of time, testimonies from the survivors of the Holocaust have lost none of their heartbreaking power," said Genesis Philanthropy Group co-founder Mikhail Fridman. His organization and numerous donors helped The National Holocaust Centre and Museum realize their newest project: The Forever Project. It gives viewers an opportunity to virtually interact with Holocaust survivors, ask them questions, and hear their stories.

A startling survey revealed that 22 percent of American millennials weren't sure they'd heard of the Holocaust and 66 percent didn't know what Auschwitz was. How can these memories be preserved once Holocaust survivors are no longer here to share them? Over the course of several days, The Forever Project interviewed 10 Holocaust survivors, covering thousands of questions. These recordings were then integrated with 3D technology to give viewers a realistic and interactive experience. Now technology ensures these stories will be heard for generations to come. LEARN MORE