Telling a New Story for Women


The media determines which stories get told and how we hear them. Women's voices are significantly underrepresented, especially when it comes to international news. And when their stories do get told, it is often through a victim's lens. Fuller Project is working on improving women's lives through improved media coverage. The team of journalists, photographers, filmmakers, and researchers provides independent, solution-driven reporting on issues affecting women most.

Media plays a prominent role in how we perceive the world and Fuller Project brings the work of brave women challenging stereotypes to the forefront. In partnership with newsrooms and organizations, Fuller Project features their voices in OpEds and uses them as expert commentary. The organization focuses on data-driven reporting that not only tells women's stories but offers solutions. And they train female reporters along the way, helping women in places like Syria and Iraq develop skills and cultivate a voice. Fuller Project believes that, until women are fully represented in the media, little will change. Check out their team and what they're reporting on, here.