The Shortage of Management: The Global Business School Network

After countless trips to various African countries, Guy Pfeffermann, founder of The Global Business School Network (GBSN), asked a simple question: what happens when most of the world's business talent pool resides in advanced countries, while emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America demonstrate a great need for skilled entrepreneurs and qualified managers? Pfeffermann realized that importing talent is not sustainable, and thus he began training local teachers in the basics of business education to localize the talent pool of business educators.

Established in 2003, GBSN tackles the need to train local business leaders head-on. GBSN's programs aim to build capacity for local management education by matching top business schools with colleagues in the developing world for cross-cultural knowledge exchange and collaboration.

GBSM's influence has grown throughout the continent. This November, GBSM will cohost a joint conference with European Foundation for Management Develop (EFMD). The Conference's theme, "Quality in Context: Management Education for the Developing World" is tailored to address pressing needs such as health and agribusiness. Conference attendees will be a diverse mix of leading business school faculty, international development organizations and government officials among others.

GBSN's network is made up of leading business schools that share the organization's vision of creating more and better schools to train managers and entrepreneurs in the developing world. GBSN draws on the expertise and experience of their network to implement capacity-building programs that promote management education. Specifically, GBSN's programs improve the pedagogy and research abilities of local faculty by offering peer mentoring, case writing, workshops, training of teachers, and international faculty fellowships.

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