This Thanksgiving, Volunteer Where Others Don't


Thanksgiving day is one of the busiest volunteer events of the year for hunger-prevention charities. Many coordinators turn away well-intentioned helpers due to high volunteer turnout, which can be disheartening for those eager to give. This year, help make everyone's holiday brighter with some alternative ways to help those in need.

  • Crowdfund a holiday check
  • Feed a family in need
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Give blood or help donors

Hunger-prevention charities such as soup kitchens and shelters do extraordinary work all-year-round. They often need extra help, but Thanksgiving is not necessarily one of those days. As a volunteer, the best thing you can do ahead of any holiday giving is to listen to the organization's needs for which you'll be working. Sometimes, charities prefer supplies and cash donations over time and labor, and your skills can help facilitate that as well.