Tipping Point Helps Fire Victims Rebuild


As firefighters and emergency responders work tirelessly to provide relief to California's fire victims, local funders jump into action to ensure resources arrive where they're needed most. Perhaps one of the most comprehensive relief initiatives has been run by the Tipping Point. In the wake of last year's North Bay fires, the local poverty-fighting organization raised nearly $34 million to rebuild communities affected by the blaze.

Comprised of Silicon Valley's most prominent entrepreneurs, the Tipping Point is notorious for raising funds. Last year, they kicked off relief efforts with a benefit concert at AT&T Park that raised $17 million. Yet, it's their holistic approach that makes them so effective. Donations are allocated to organizations that provide recovery support across multiple services, like housing, employment, health care, and social services. One grant recipient, for example, offers mental health services to locals experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder; another provides training to new construction workers.

The organization is committed to unrestricted and flexible funding, which is exactly what's needed right now. To contribute to their fire relief efforts, please consider a donation to one of Tipping Point's carefully selected beneficiaries. LEARN MORE