Tips for Building Your Nonprofit Brand


Like the rest of the world, the nonprofit landscape is changing. There are more organizations than ever before, and a new generation of philanthropists is changing the way charities are selected and evaluated. A strong brand once meant a catchy logo, clear outreach guidelines, and a consistent identity. Today, that's not enough to set you apart from the crowd. R. Trent Thompson with The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares the behaviors that could mean the difference between your organization's success and failure.

First, have a clear mission and stay laser-focused. Clarity of purpose means knowing where you are going and how to get there. It defines what sets you apart from other organizations. But it can't stop there. Nonprofits must always strive to be relevant, Thompson urges. Stick to your mission and understand what matters to your donors. Millennials in particular favor organizations that don't waver.

However, be nimble with tools and strategies. Your donors keep up with changing technologies and you should too. Constantly think about creative ways to tell your story and keep your audience engaged. And don't be afraid to invest in infrastructure. Getting the right systems in place will maximize the power of your brand, ensuring timely communication with donors, successful fundraising campaigns, and growing your base, all with fewer resources. LEARN MORE