Using Tech to Make Women Safer


Anu and Naveen Jain have teamed up with XPRIZE to host a $1 million competition calling on tech entrepreneurs to improve women's safety. One in three women have faced sexual violence, yet preventing violence to women is not a huge priority for donors. Basic reporting and response networks are also missing in much of the world. The Anu & Naveen Jain Women's Safety XPRIZE challenges teams to come up with a solution for getting women the help they need in times of crisis.

Tackling the global treatment of women is complicated, but the competition's objective is clear: create a personal alarm system that women can use when faced with danger. With developing countries in mind, the device must also be affordable - under $40. So far 21 teams have advanced to the semi-finals and a winner will be announced in June.

XPRIZE is well-known for creating challenges that aim to target some of the world's most pressing problems. This one stands out for its emphasis on tech, not surprising considering the Jain's background. Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur who has founded several successful tech companies, including InfoSpace, Moon Express, and Viome. Anu runs the foundation and is a zealous philanthropist, holding numerous board and chair seats with women and girls organizations. LEARN MORE